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Hear Augmentation

The International Convention Centre, Sydney has a hearing augmentation system in place throughout the centre for those that require it.

Hearing augmentation devices are available at the Customer Service desk on Ground Floor of Convention for PACIFIC 2019 visitors to hire.

Visitors will be asked to complete the T&C’s form and to also leave a form of ID.

Please note the following outline of how the hearing augmentation system works at ICC:

  • The guest must have a Hearing Aid that has a T-switch on their aid.
  • The field is picked up by the “T” switch of a hearing aid, amplified, and converted back into sound.
  • Hearing aid users sitting within the loop system can pick up the speaker’s voice or other auditory stimulus with a minimum of distortion and no background noise simply by turning on the “T” switch on their hearing aids.
  • When the guest comes to the Customer Service Desk, they will be given the device to place around their neck.
  • They turn the device on and they can then adjust the volume to their liking.
  • Please note that sometimes, depending on the technology within their hearing aid, the device might not work.
  • The guests must return their Hearing Augmentation device back to the service desk where they completed the form so we can mark as ‘returned’.

Inclusion and Accessibility options:

  • Separate breastfeeding/expressing and multi-faith rooms, and quiet spaces will be available.
  • Companion, Therapy, Guide dogs and other registered assistance dogs are welcome in all areas; water stations and toileting area will be provided.
  • Wheelchair access is available via a lift and accessibility ramps, as well as seating with adjacent carer seat in theatres.
  • Further information on accessibility can be found at the following link:
  • Please contact if you have an specialised requirements you would like to discuss.