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PACIFIC 2019 Delegation Management Program

PACIFIC 2019 continues to utilise the delegation management program in assisting exhibitors to engage with the formally recognised delegations attending PACIFIC 2019.

The program is designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Formally identify the Official Delegations at PACIFIC 2019
    • These delegations include all domestic and foreign parties registered with IDSAL or our stakeholders including the Royal Australian Navy
    • The range of delegation’s spans invited military guests (domestic and international), invited industry representatives, academic institutions, diplomatic agencies, Federal and State governmental organisations and other interested parties from the maritime industry.
  • Provide a unique opportunity for PACIFIC 2019 exhibitors to make an approach to recognised delegations for business to business discussions
  • Enable specific discussion notice to delegations in order for a delegation to be prepared to discuss the issues relevant to an Exhibitor’s request
  • Provide advance notice to assist PACIFIC 2019 Delegations and Exhibitors to maximise the PACIFIC 2019 experience
  • Provide prior advice to Delegations on proposed discussion points for B2B meetings to facilitate better outcomes
  • Provide an ad hoc meeting area within the PACIFIC 2019 Delegation lounge
  • Provide support to get business to the forefront of defence industry and maritime leaders programs


The Program provides:

  • A formal identification of official delegations attending PACIFIC 2019
  • A formal advice to all exhibitors of the visiting official delegations at PACIFIC 2019
  • Exhibitors only to make a formal meeting request to a delegation via the exhibitors on line manual (and a process whereby all of these requests are fairly and reasonably managed)
  • It is recommended that all exhibitor requests contain enough specific detail to the delegation in order for the delegation to understand the context and reason for the requested meeting and, if the meeting request is accepted, allow the delegation to send the most appropriate personnel within that delegation to that meeting.
  • All requests are directed to a specific point of contact for the requested delegation and are not redrafted through a third party. These contact details are not shared with exhibitors.
  • The Delegation Management Program is open for a two week period, three weeks before the show begins via the exhibitor online manual. This timing allows delegations time to accept requests in formulating their business schedule. The timing also allows for the most accurate delegation list to be available to PACIFIC 2019 exhibitors.
  • Exhibitors should be aware that delegations are under no obligation to accept any request nor are they required to acknowledge requests. The Delegation Management Program is designed to function holistically with other methods of business to business engagements at PACIFIC 2019.  It is not a stand-alone program and assumes that exhibitors (and delegations) will also make overtures to interested parties during the event through other means available to them; e.g. walk past conversations on the exhibition floor or impromptu meetings at daily PACIFIC 2019 networking functions etc.


How to access the Delegation Management Program:

  • Access is obtained via the Exhibitors Online Manual.
  • The program opens Monday the 16th September and ceases Friday 27th September 2019. It re-commences onsite once PACIFIC 2019 starts.
  • Onsite access to the Delegation Management Program once PACIFIC starts on Tuesday 8 October  is via the Exhibitor Services desk located in Hall 1. Given scheduling is heavy and mostly finalised for many delegations, any on-site requests will be followed up but may be difficult to facilitate.
  • All requests made while PACIFIC 2019 is in progress will be actioned ASAP but are not guaranteed to reach the requested delegation pending the delegation’s attendance.
For further information on the Delegation Management Program at PACIFIC 2019, please contact:
Gavin Bourke
Executive Manager Protocol and Delegations