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Exhibition space is available in three formats:


Custom stands allow you to design and build your stand to your own specifications. Lighting and electrical installations are the responsibility of the exhibitors. Carpet and furniture are not included with Custom Stands.

Custom Stand Exhibitors must advise the Organiser as soon as possible of their Stand Contractor/Builder. Custom Stand Design plans must then be submitted to the Organiser (who seeks approval also by the International Convention Centre Sydney) by an appropriate deadline (to be confirmed). Approval will be given only to plans that meet the strict criteria put in place by the Organiser and The Centre. For further information on this issue, please email Ebony McDonald

Exhibitors using their own Electrical Contractors should calculate their total power requirements and include this estimate with their Custom Stand Design plans for approval by the nominated deadline (to be confirmed).

For further information, please email


Wall Stands

Wall Stands are available in units of 3m x 3m (9 square metres). All Wall Stand units include standard colour carpet, a back wall and two side walls 2.5m high with aluminium framing, and a front fascia including name and stand number. The wall panels are white melamine finished. The front fascia is blue melamine finished. Furnishing of these stands is at the exhibitors expense.

Wall Stands will be allocated on the basis of a minimum of one per Exhibitor, but an Exhibitor may apply for more than one Wall Stand.

On multiple units, the inner partitions will be omitted. On end stands, the outer partition will be fitted only if requested by the Exhibitor.

Wall Stands will be equipped with two spotlights and one 10 amp, 240 volt power point. Additional electrical power and lighting supplies are available at a cost to the Exhibitor.

No alteration, addition or customisation may be undertaken to Wall Stands without the prior express approval of the Organiser.

For further information, please email



An SME-focused, small business precinct will be located within the PACIFIC 2019 exposition.
This showcase will feature the following associations and industry sectors:

  • AIDN (Australian Industry and Defence Network)
  • PACIFIC 2019 Small Business Zone

SME Showcase Pods are available in units of 2.5m x 1.5m (3.75 square metres).
All SME Showcase Pods include standard colour carpet, back and side walls, counter with lockable cupboard, two stools, brochure stand, lighting, one 10 amp power outlet and a fascia displaying the exhibiting company name.

SME Showcase Pods will be restricted to one per Exhibitor and allocated on receipt of order form.

No alteration, addition or customisation may be undertaken to SME Showcase Pods.

For further information, please email


Exhibitors wishing to display vessels should contact the Organiser for further information. Please email

If you are interested in exhibiting at PACIFIC 2019 and would like to correspond with our Sales Team, please forward any enquiries to